IGNOU at NIT- The Only Place for Independent Learning

  • Admin
  • May 15, 2022

In the first place, be convinced that this is not a piece of advertisement; it is a piece of genuine information for the humanity at large. The learners who are passionately willing to trigger their independent learning abilities, there can be no better place compared to IGNOU at NIT. The counseling classes in the center are the best evidences of the promotion of such skills. Although supervision and guidance are offered as less as possible so that the learners’ autonomy is fully developed through their personal efforts; when and as required  maximum level of guidance is offered to the learners who need the intense personalized care. Reminder again, no any word in this section is intended to have the purpose of advertisement where exaggeration and self-appreciation are the realities. As a center for excellence, there can not very many locations where independent learning is practiced in the most actual sense of the phrase. May you be yourself with the association of IGNOU. Be yourself by joining IGNOU at NIT.

-          Mr. Shiva Raj Panta

                   NIT Counselor