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Program Details

Program Details:

BCA is a semester based 3 years program with a total of 6 semesters. The basic objective of the Program is to open a channel of admission for computing courses for students, who have done the 10+2 and are interested in taking computing/IT as a career. After acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree (BCA) at IGNOU, there is further educational opportunity to go for an MCA at IGNOU or Master’s Programme at any other University/Institute. Also after completing BCA Programme, a student should be able to get entry level job in the field of Information Technology or ITES.

Duration: Minimum 3 years and Maximum 6 years

Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 or Its Equivalent

Course Structure:

Total Course – 39

Total Credits - 99

Semester I

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1FEG-02Foundation Course in English -24
2ECO-01Business Organization4
3BCS-011Computer Basics and PC Software3
4BCS-012Basic Mathematics4
5BCSL-013Computer Basics and PC Software Lab2


Semester II

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1ECO-02Accountancy -14
2MCS-011Problem Solving and Programming3
3MCS-012Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming4
4MCS-013Discrete Mathematics2
5MCS-015Communication Skills2
6BCSL-021C Language Programming lab1
7BCSL-022Assembly Language Programming Lab 1


Semester III

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1MCS-014Systems Analysis and Design3
2MCS-021Data and File Structures4
3MCS-023Introduction to Database Management Systems3
4BCS-031Programming in C++3
5BCSL-032C++ Programming Lab1
6BCSL-033Data and File Structure Lab1
7BCSL-034DBMS Lab1


Semester IV

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1BCS-040Statistical Techniques4
2MCS-024Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming3
3BCS-041Fundamentals of Computer Networks4
4BCS-042Introduction to Algorithm Design2
5MCSL-016Internet Concepts and Web Design 2
6BCSL-043Java Programming Lab1
7BCSL-044Statistical Techniques Lab1
8BCSL-045Algorithm Design Lab1


Semester V

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1BCS-051Introduction to Software Engineering3
2BCS-052Network Programming and Administration3
3BCS-053Web Programming2
4BCS-054Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques3
5BCS-055Business Communication2
6BCSL-056Network Programming and Administration Lab1
7BCSL-057Web Programming Lab1
8BCSL-058Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab1


Semester VI

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1MCS-022Operating System Concepts and Network Management4
3BCSL-063Operating System Concepts and Network Management Lab1



1. Two self -attested copies of each of the following documents

a. Transcript/Pass and Character Certificates of

- SLC/ grade 10

- Intermediate /+2

2. Photographs (Recent)

i. 45 mm X 35 mm - 1 copy

ii.  30 mm X 40 mm - 3 copies

3. Three self-attested copies of:

i. Citizenship/ passports

*Candidates are required to bring their original certificates in time of submitting their application forms.